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A resume of the Similitudes of the Shepherd of Hermas Book (part 9)

A resume of the Similitudes of the Shepherd of Hermas Book (part 9)

Tenth Similitude

The Angel Shepherd of Hermas is the Angel of Repentance.

"1. AFTER I had written out this book, the Angel which had delivered me
to the Shepherd came into the house where I was,
and sat down upon the couch; and the Shepherd stood on the right hand.
Then he called me and spake thus to me.
2. I have delivered thee and thine house, quoth he, 
to this Shepherd that thou mayest be protected by him. 
Yea, sir, quoth I. 
If therefore, quoth he, thou wilt be protected from all vexation and all harshness,
and have success in every good work and word and every virtue of righteousness, 
walk in his commandments which I have given unto thee; 
and thou shalt be able to have the mastery over all wickedness. 
3. For while thou keepest his commandments every lust and delight of this world 
shall be subject unto thee, and success in every good thing shall follow thee. 
Take his gravity and modesty upon thee; and say unto all, 
that he (The Angel Shepherd) is in great honour and dignity with the Lord; 
and that he is set in great authority, and powerful in his office. 
To him alone is the power of repentance committed in all the world. 
Seemeth he not to thee to be powerful? 
Yet ye contemn his gravity and the respect which he hath toward you."  
(Shepherd of Hermas 10th Sim 1.1-3)

Hermas has a ministry to proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord calling people to repentance.

"3. I for my part, sir, quoth I, proclaim to every man the mighty acts of the Lord;
for I trust that all who have sinned beforetime, if they hear these things,
will repent with a willing mind and recover life.

4. Continue stedfast therefore, quoth he, in this ministry, and accomplish it."   
(Shepherd of Hermas 10th Sim 2.3,4)

"1. THEN he said to me, Quit thee manfully in this ministry,
rehearse unto every man the mighty acts of the Lord,
and thou shalt find favour in this ministry.
Whoso walketh in these commandments shall live and be happy in his life;
but whoso disregardeth them shall not live, and he shall be unhappy in his life. "
(Shepherd of Hermas 10th Sim 4.1)

Without the virgins that represent the Holy Spirit and its fruits it´s impossible to keep the commandments.

"...for without these virgins (Holy Spirit) it is impossible that
these commandments should be kept."    
(Shepherd of Hermas 10th Sim 3.1)

"...If therefore they find thine house pure they will abide with thee,..."
(Shepherd of Hermas 10th Sim 3.2)

"5. When he had thus spoken, he delivered me again to the Shepherd,
and called the virgins and said unto them,
Forasmuch as I perceive that ye gladly dwell in this man's house,
I commit him and his house unto you, to the intent that ye may never at all
depart from his house.
And they willingly heard these words." 
(Shepherd of Hermas 10th Sim 3.5)

Do good deeds. Help someone else to be free from affliction.

"... Now I say that every man ought to be delivered from distresses.
For he who hath need and suffereth distresses in his daily life is
in great anguish and necessity.

3. Whoso therefore rescueth the soul of such an one from straitness getteth
great joy to himself
; for he who is afflicted with this manner of distress
is racked and tormenteth himself with the like torment as one who is in bonds.
Many indeed because of such miseries, which they are not able to bear,
bring death upon themselves.
He who knoweth therefore the calamity of such an one and delivereth him not
committeth a great sin and is guilty of his blood.

4. Do good works therefore, ye who have received from the Lord,
lest while ye delay to do them the building of the tower be finished;
for for your sakes the work of the building of it hath been delayed.
Except then ye make haste to do aright, the tower shall be finished and
ye shall be shut out."
(Shepherd of Hermas 10th Sim 4.2-4)

End of The Book of Hermas.